84 Year-Old Veteran Attacked at Karl Rove Speech

As soon as Rove entered the room, boos, shouts of “traitor” and “war criminal,” and occasional cheers emanated from the roughly 900 audience members – and lasted the entire hour and a half in which Rove took questions- Des Moines Register.

The Leftist mob also screamed down an 84 year-old veteran and told him to “F**k off!”

What is now commonplace and expected at American universities happened again on Sunday. Intolerant Leftist protesters ambushed conservative Karl Rove during his speech at the University of Iowa.
They also attacked an 84 year-old veteran who came to listen to Rove speak.
The University of Iowa Daily Iowan reported:

Boos exuberantly punctuated the UI Lecture Committee’s introduction and dozens in the audience stood, turning their backs when President Bush’s former deputy chief of staff and top aide took the stage. A woman charged up an aisle, her hands shaking, as she called for Rove to be arrested. And in a row near the front, a veteran(?) told a different 84-year-old veteran to “F— off” when he asked him to stop shouting.

“I’ve lived in Iowa City more than 60 years, and I have never been more ashamed than I am tonight of the disrespect shown by these people,” 84-year-old Bill Olin said.

Meanwhile, the “architect” on stage remained seemingly unshaken. Armed with a sarcastic humor and several quotations from prominent Democrats to support his contentions, Rove took on the audience of roughly 1,100 – telling a woman who yelled that that UI wanted the $40,000 speaking fee they paid back, simply, “You can’t have it.”

He told another man his comment showed, “a simple, stupid mind, with all due respect.”

“Look, you’ve had a chance to make your chants and protests and statements, and I want to have mine,” Rove told the audience.

But his critics gave him very little chance, repeatedly interrupting him to call him a liar and war criminal.

Sharon Benzoni, the UI Lecture Committee chairwoman, said she had hoped bringing the controversial figure would generate conversation, and she was pleased with the result.


Kirk Brown of Des Moines yells at Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff and senior adviser to President Bush, as he is escorted from the Main Lounge as he was reading a citizen’s arrest complaint for high crimes against the American people at the University of Iowa Memorial Union tonight in Iowa City. (Gazette Online)


Hilmar Von Campe, a former Nazi youth, has warned that today’s Leftist protesters behave like Hitler’s Storm TroopersNo kidding!

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