Widow of Kirkwood Mass Murderer Charles "Cookie" Thornton Says the City Had It Coming

Mass murderer’s widow says, “My husband stood for peace and justice.”

Her husband parked his big construction trucks on the street, got over 100 tickets, refused to pay them, went on verbal rampages at city hall, mocked city officials as “jackasses” and accused them of having a racist “plantation mentality”, lost his “race case” against the city and 10 days later went back and shot and killed 5 city officials including 2 police officers.
Charles “Cookie” Thornton was no man of peace and/or justice.

Local KSDK St. Louis interviewed the widow of Charles “Cookie” Thornton in Kirkwood after she dropped off two vases of flowers at the makeshift memorial at city hall.


Maureen Thornton wanted the community to know that she is a victim. She also said this about the mass murder on Thursday:

We are standing in the aftermath of an event that has been going on for eight years with the city of Kirkwood with my husband and me…”

“My husband stood for peace. My husband stood for peace and justice. I would like to see and pray that the seams that have been divided or defined with this incident could be erased and we could be a community that we so desperately need to be.”

Here is the unbelievable video interview with the wife of Kirkwood mass murderer Charles “Cookie” Thornton:
(2 minutes 50 seconds)

The brother of the mass murderer enraged the Kirkwood community when he also put the blame on the city officials:

Gerald Thornton told reporters in front of Kirkwood’s City Hall that his brother had had enough of his fight with the city. Thornton pointedly refused to judge his brother’s action.

“He himself tried what he considered all the avenues he had available,” Gerald Thornton said. “For him to build up the need to go and do what he did, it had to be on the same level as a person that would declare war.”

Some reacted to such comments with outrage. How could anyone paint Charles Thornton as the victim when he pulled the trigger?

At a neighborhood meeting in the mostly black Meacham Park neighborhood, where Thornton lived, people cried, prayed and spoke of a racial divide. Some spoke sympathetically of Thornton and his rage over repeated parking and permit citations. One man called him a “hero.”

Charles “Cookie” Thornton gunned down 5 people including 3 city council members on Thursday night at a Kirkwook, Missouri town hall meeting. The victims were identified Friday: Public Works Director Kenneth Yost, Officer Tom Ballman, Officer William Biggs and council members Michael H.T. Lynch and Connie Karr.

HERE are the photos of the victims.

SHOOTING At Kirkwood, MO Town Hall Meeting!! Mayor Shot!

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