What Barack Obama Isn't Telling You In His Super Bowl Ad

“We want an end to this war and we want diplomacy and peace. Not only can we save the environment, we can create jobs and opportunity. We’re tired of fear; we’re tired of division…”

Barack H. Obama
Super Bowl Ad

Can you say- “Empty Suit?”

Here’s a few more things we want:

We want lollipops.
We want fields of pansies and buttercups.
We want cuddly bunnies.
We want chicken wings in every pot.


What Barack Obama is not telling you- Is that to get that “peace” he’s talking about you will all have to convert to a radical version of Islam or die.

You see– Barack and Hillary and Code Pink and The New York Times may want peace but our enemies in Al-Qaeda will not give them their peace until America becomes an Islamic state.

Now this may be OK with Barack H. Obama who has some experience with a milder form of Islam, but for the rest of America this may not go over so well.

Peace- You want it?
Then surrender to Al-Qaeda and the mullahs in Iran and convert to radical Islam.
“All we are saying… Is give radical Islam a chance…”

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