UN Wants to Clamp Down On (Some) Freedom of Speech

Democracy Project reported this from Reuters today:

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reaffirmed his predecessor’s line on cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad on Wednesday, saying free speech should respect religious sensitivities.

“The Secretary-General strongly believes that freedom of expression should be exercised responsibly and in a way that respects all religious beliefs,” his spokeswoman Marie Okabe told reporters.

So, in other words:

The bearded man with donkey cartoons like the Mohammad cartoon posted at Jyllands Posten are too offensive and not allowed. But… The anti-Semitic cartoons distributed at the UN’s own Durban Conference on Racism are acceptable.

Democracy Project has questions.


Anne Bayefsky from EYE on the UN writes today that the “U.S. must stand strong against UN’s anti-Semitic confab” in the New York Daily News.

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