Suicide Bomber Is Shot Dead in Dimona, Israel (Video)

A Palestinian exploded his body in Dimona, Israel today.
It was the first suicide bombing this year inside Israel killing a 73 year-old woman.
His buddy bomber was not so fortunate and was shot dead before he could explode himself.
The AP reported:

A Palestinian bomber blew himself up Monday in this desert town near Israel’s nuclear reactor, killing an Israeli woman and wounding 11 people in the first suicide attack inside Israel in a year.

Police killed a second attacker after a doctor found a suicide vest while treating him for wounds suffered in the blast.

FOX News televised the Israeli police shooting the second bomber before he could blow himself up:

An Israeli doctor was treating the second bomber before noticed the suicider’s belt and ran for cover.

Well,the bomber in this video won’t kill any innocent Israelis anyway.

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