Saudis Behead Child– Father Finds Out 2 Days Later At Prison Visit

Hussein Al-Hakami discovered that his son Mueed Al-Hakami had been beheaded by Saudi officials when he went to visit the child in prison. He still does not know where his son was buried. (Sahara Times)

A Saudi father went to visit his 13 year-old son in prison only to find out that he had been executed 2 days earlier.
Arab News and LGF Quick Links reported:

The case is that of Mueed Al-Hakami, a boy from Jizan who was executed last July for the rape and murder of a child. The case is tragic, no matter how you look at it. It seems that the sufferers are more than just the victim and the alleged criminal. There are two families whose lives have been shaken to the core and I am sad to say, it seems that our legal system has also been affected by it.

As reported in several papers, including Arab News, Al-Hakami was arrested for assaulting his neighbor’s son and murdering him.

He was interrogated, reportedly confessed to the crime and was taken to a juvenile detention center until sentence was passed and he was executed.

The case is complex in many ways, but the most shocking thing about it is the fact that the family knew nothing about their son’s execution. Al-Hakami’s father learned of the execution two days after the fact when he went to the detention center to visit his son.

…The lawyer claims there was no medical report on the victim proving the alleged sexual assault, and he stresses also that Al-Hakami’s mental state was never assessed. The father added that he was not allowed to be with his son during the interrogation although the chief of police claims that the boy’s parents were present.

Crossroads Arabia has more on this horrible crime.

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