Ruh-Roh– FOX News Posts Mohammad Pictures Front & Center… Update: Reuters Shows Gay Mohammad Photo

What?… No pixilated photos?

In reporting on the latest Mohammad controversy at Wikipedia, FOX News also posted photos of Mohammad in their story and on the front of the FOX News website.

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia has again stirred up controversy — this time over a biographical entry on the prophet Muhammad.

Nearly 100,000 people worldwide have signed a Web-based petition asking Wikipedia to remove all depictions of the Prophet from its English-language entry, viewable here.

“I request all brothers and sisters to sign this petitions so we can tell Wikipedia to respect the religion and remove the illustrations,” the creator of the petition at The Petition Site asks.

Opposition among Muslims to images of Muhammad has its roots in the prohibition of “graven images” in the Ten Commandments, but has varied over time.

“Islamic teaching has traditionally discouraged representation of humans, particularly Muhammad, but that doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent,” Notre Dame history professor Paul M. Cobb told the New York Times. “Some of the most beautiful images in Islamic art are manuscript images of Muhammad.”

FOX even includes other pictures from the Wikipedia entry on Muhammad.
Let’s see how well this goes over.

MORE… If you get a chance check out the signatures and comments.
Here are a few:


Feb 6, 2008, Usama Bin Laden , Afghanistan
I have really thought about it and looked over the picture. I think it is ok. We have really been wrong in our cause and I can now admit that me and my followers are truly evil. As of today, I am declaring the end of Jihad and order my followers to carry out the suicide pledge. Don’t worry, you will still qualify for the virgins!

# 100,368: Feb 6, 2008, Muhammad Muhammad jr. , Albania
Keep the picture UP!!! Don’t cave to this idiotic request.

# 100,355: Feb 6, 2008, Porky Pig , New York
I love the MOH pics. Please post more so I can view them while eating bacon!

UPDATE: Thanks to Velvet Hammer who first posted this…
Reuters posted the gay Mohammad photo today that sent a Dutch artist into hiding.

A Dutch museum caved to Muslim extremists and decided to remove a controversial gay Mohammad display. The exhibit showed gay men in masks of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, and his son-in-law Ali (pictured on Reuters above). The artist behind the display went into hiding since receiving threats to slit her throat.

UPDATE: Reuters is directing its readers to this post right here at the GP.

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