Photographer Hauled to Court For Refusing Gay Job

An evangelical photographer was hauled to court for refusing to shoot a same-sex commitment ceremony in New Mexico.

** Say Anything reported on this outrageous court case.

The Washington Times has more on the story:


An evangelical Christian photographer was brought before the New Mexico Human Rights Commission after she declined for religious reasons to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony.

When Elaine Huguenin of Albuquerque, N.M., declined in September 2006 an e-mail request from a lesbian couple to photograph their ceremony, one of the lesbians responded by lodging a human rights complaint with the New Mexico Human Rights Division, the state agency charged with enforcing state anti-discrimination laws and sending cases to the commission to be adjudicated.

Vanessa Willock sought an injunction to prohibit Mrs. Huguenin and her business, Elane Photography, from declining any future request to photograph a same-sex ceremony. The agency agreed to hear Miss Willock’s complaint, the latest case brought before tribunals in the U.S. and Canada that free-speech advocates say threaten expression across North America.

Marty found this out on Miss Vanessa Willock (pictured):

She is currently an EEO Compliance Representative with the Office of Equal Opportunity where she investigates claims of discrimination and sexual harassment. Not to mention a member of the Diversity Committee at University of New Mexico.

…Seriously, we expect our lesbians to be just a little bit tougher than this.

Clayton Cramer has more on the photo job.

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