Ohio Dem Primary Debate– Hillary Tries to Dress Down Obama

Hillary needed to dress down Obama tonight… She didn’t.
…The Somali garb pics didn’t cut it, either.

A woman looks at the Drudge Report website in Washington featuring a picture of US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama (top R) dressed in traditional African dress during a 2006 visit to Wajir, Kenya. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign hit back furiously after standing accused of trying to smear Obama by circulating the photograph. (AFP/Nicholas Kamm)

Just tuned in…
Hillary’s last stand?
Michelle Malkin is liveblogging.

Hillary looks worn down.
She is going to create jobs by training people to put in solar panels.
She is going to create 5 million jobs.


Obama defends his foreign policy experience on his decision not to go into Iraq.
Al-Qaida is stronger- John McCain’s war of 100 years.
Doug Ross has a list of Obama’s accomplishments.

Obama believes his judgement has been sound- Chicken-doving.
Obama continues to insist a democratic Iraq has been a disaster.

Update: There have been no stabbings or chokings reported yet.

Obama is dominating the debate- Hillary is through.

** Obama denounces Farrakhan’s endorsement.

–Obama congratulates the Clinton’s on the Balkan disaster.
He congratulates Clinton for being a magnificent campaigner.

Hillary gets applause for being a woman.
No fireworks- Hillary needed to score. She didn’t. Her campaign is over.

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