Obama on Immigration: "My Position Has Been Very Similar To John McCain's"

There you have it…
The most liberal United States Senator Barak Obama likens his immigration plan to Senator John McCain’s:

Barack Obama does not believe his support of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants will hurt him in a general election, as his stance on immigration is very similar to John McCain’s.

The “true conservative” may have a problem explaining this away:

Barak Obama was interviewed on ABC’s World News Tonight on February 2, 2008:

Senator Barack Obama: “I think they [Republicans] will pounce on any issue that has to do with immigration. But as I said, my position has been very similar to John McCain’s, who’s maybe the likely Republican nominee. And if he wants to try to parse out this one issue of driver’s licenses, an issue of public safety, my response is that we have to solve the overall problem.”

That certainly won’t help rally the base any in support of Senator McCain.


Flopping Aces says this is “quite telling.”

MORE… The Kansas City Star today endorsed McCain because he voted against the Bush tax cuts.
The liberal media is really showing their arse this year, I’d say.

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