Michelle Obama's Thesis Was on Racial Divide & Black Power

Here’s a shocker–
Michelle Obama’s senior thesis was embargoed at Princeton until after the election in November.

Could it be because the thesis is on “racial divide” and “black power”?
The Politico obtained a copy of the thesis and posted it online.
From page 8 of thesis:

Nice work.
It ties in with the hardliner black spiritual mentor the Obama’s regularly counsel with.
…And, the “no pride in her country” comments.
No wonder they wanted to hide it from the American public.

More on Michelle’s victocratic thesis here.


JWF is not surprised they wanted to keep this dreck locked up until the election is over.

UPDATE: Joshua added this in the comments earlier:

Obama is nothing but a socialist serpent dressed up in new snakeskin. If he were a true Christian, not some radical faith group based upon racial commandments that embraces radical haters like Nation of Islam leader, he’d be proud of our country’s efforts to set people free.

Instead, he’s devisive, anti-American and in many ways anti-Christian. No where did Christ advocate a nation turning its money over to a secular world government like the UN, a corrupt machine that allows millions to die around the world.

Real Hope: 50 million Afghani and Iraqis free today, fighting for the first time in their lives to enjoy the same freedoms we all take for granted. Free for the first time from oppression, torture, brutal death. The light shines in to once dead countries.

Real Change: 50 million people vote for the first time in free elections! 50 million are liberated to choose for themselves a new way of life, open to free debate, free media, free speech. 50 million people that can see the world for the first time. Millions of women free to go to school, get a degree, work.

Well said, Joshua.

UPDATE 2: Democracy Project reports on Michelle’s new found love for her country.

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