McCain and Cohorts Prepare to Tell the Bigots to Shut Up

Super Tuesday is just hours away…
And, Senator John McCain and his cohorts will finally be able to turn to conservative voters and–
“Tell the bigots to shut up!”

Sen. John McCain (right), a true conservative, turned his focus to another arena Sunday as he watched the Super Bowl in Boston with Sen. Joe Lieberman (left), I-Conn., and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. (Photo-Dallas News)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) addressed the National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) and had the nerve to tell this organization that by pushing through amnesty for all of the illegal aliens in this country that it would “tell the bigots to shut up”.

In just a few hours if Senator McCain and Lindsey Graham will have the honor to finally tell the rest of the bigots to shut up.
Michelle Malkin has the related shamnesty roundup.


Larwyn asks, “Ask yourselves if this rush to crown McCain isn’t just like the way he’s been involved in getting legislation ‘RUSHED THRU”- Think of what they tried to pull with the IMMIGRATION LEGISLATION?!!”

Here’s the Romney Campaign closer before Super Tuesday:

HotAir thinks its a winnter.
We’ll see tomorrow.

Dr. James Dobson won’t be voting for Senator John McCain tomorrow in Colorado.
World Net Daily reported earlier in January:

“Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances,” said James Dobson, founder of the Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family as well as the Focus Action cultural action organization set up specifically to provide a platform for informing and rallying constituents.

Dobson, who always is careful to note that he’s not speaking for the non-profit ministry, which cannot advocate for or against candidates legally, also doesn’t hesitate to state his personal opinions on social or political issues and agendas.

Several times he’s talked to Republicans, the traditionally conservative political party, about the need to maintain the values of that large part of the U.S. population, or lose the support of those people.

His most recent comments came during an interview on the Jerry Johnson Live program on KCBI 90.9 FM.

Hat Tip BG

Michael Graham will face his own demons on Super Tuesday.

The Radio Patriot has a post on how the Clinton’s will destroy John McCain.

Related… It’s the day before primary elections which can mean only one thing…
Hillary’s crying again.

UPDATE: This is really sad… Bob Dole sent an email to Rush Limbaugh about how John McCain is a true conservative and that Rush should support him.
The email was somehow leaked to the press (CNN)?
This ought to go over well with Rush. I’m sure he will be supporting John McCain tomorrow on his show.

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