Iranian Shoppers Protest– Chant Against Regime (Video)

Iranian shoppers took to the streets of Shahrud to protest against the regime this week.
YouTube Video of the protest was posted at Iran Press News:

In the video the shoppers are chanting against the regime after the arrest of a young female.

Ardeshir Arian at Pajamas Media has more on the protest against the regime.

In related news… The regime arrested 20 students after six days of protesting.
Iran Focus reported:


Twenty students have been arrested at the Industrial University of Shahrood, northern Iran, in the course of a protest which has entered its sixth day, Iran Focus has learnt.

More than 3,000 students took part in the protest in the town’s main street on Saturday and Sunday, calling on the government to pay attention to their demands regarding the university’s administration, a student activist requesting anonymity told Iran Focus in an email interview.

The protest originally began on Wednesday, and lasted for three days on campus. With university officials refusing to listen to their demands, the students took to the streets starting on Saturday.

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