Iran Cracks Down on Unions— Flogs & Jails Labor Leaders

12 Iranian labor leaders were sentenced to 91 days in jail and 10 lashes for holding a union rally on May Day last year.

The regime in Iran is cracking down on organized labor.
12 union leaders are sentenced to 91 days in jail and 10 lashes for holding a protest last May Day.
Radio Farda reported:

Sedigh Amjadi, a worker from Sanandaj in Kurdistan province was subject to 10 lashes on February 16, 2008 for participating in the May Day celeberations two years ago. He was also find an amount of 200,000 tomans ($2000). Mr. Amjadi along with 12 other workers were arrested and imprisoned during the International Labour Day. Two of them received 30 months in jail and the rest of them were sentenced to 91 days in prison and 10 lashes each.

The floggings were condemned widely across Iran. Several activists have condemned the actions by the regime.
Rooz News reported:

Five days after a flogging sentence was carried out in the case of Kurdish union activist Seddigh ‎Amjadi, two more union activists, Fares Goviliyan and Abbas Andariani, also received lashes in ‎a Sanandaj prison. ‎

Flogging sentences were first carried out in the cases of labor activists who had attended last ‎year’s May Day rally, and were condemned widely across Iran, especially in the province of ‎Kurdistan. ‎

Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, vice president of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran ‎and Suburbs Bus Company Ebrahim Madadi, spokesperson and central committee member of ‎the Dismissed and Unemployed Workers’ Union Jafar Azimzadeh, and several prominent human ‎rights organizations and labor unions across the country have condemned the judiciary’s flogging ‎sentences.

Maybe if we sit and talk with the mullahs we can change all of this?


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