Huck's Latest Conspiracy: Club For Growth Has It Out For Me

(Rush Limbaugh image)
Mike Huckabee blasted Governor Mitt Romney yet again today on Your World with Neil Cavuto. Huckabee blamed Romney supporters at The Club For Growth(?) for waging a war against his campaign.

If only Neil Cavuto would have followed up on that conspiracy comment… If only.
Here is this week’s Huck Hates Romney Conspiracy Video:

This is starting to get weird.
Huck’s hatred for Romney is total. It makes you wonder if he screams out, “Mitt Romney!” in his sleep?

Huckabee hammered this same Club For Growth conspiracy back on January 16th.
Huckabee eluded to another conspiracy accusing Romney of buying Hannity’s endorsement back on February 2nd.

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