Hah!… Post-Dispatch Blasts LGF and GP For Anti-Muslim Comments While Ignoring Their Own

While I was away today Charles Johnson started a war with St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Tim Townsend on his sloppy report from this morning-
“Mosque threatened, Muslim group says”:

My question to both of these media outlets: why the hell don’t you contact me before running this crap? It’s not hard to find Little Green Footballs on the web, and there’s a handy contact form that sends me an email right there on every page.

If either of you had bothered to do your jobs, you would have learned that:

* There are more than 25,000 registered users at LGF.

* There are often more than 5,000 comments posted every single day.

* It is run by *one* person, and comments such as those quoted by CAIR are policed and deleted as soon as possible. But this is an open discussion forum, and comments do not represent the opinion of LGF — as the disclaimer states on every single page of comments.

* The comments quoted by CAIR were posted at LGF for less than two hours before CAIR sent out their press release, and were deleted as soon as the administrator (that would be me) became aware of them. CAIR did not contact me about the comments either—they just went straight to the FBI, and put out a libelous press release.

Bottom line: the mainstream media are disgraceful once again, carrying water for a known radical Islamic organization and failing to do due diligence in covering the story.

** Charles Johnson later in the day posted this online discussion that he had with Tim Townsend.
The Post-Dispatch ought to be very proud of their reporter Tim Townsend.

** After investigating further, LGF revealed that Tim Townsend is a personal friend of CAIR representative Khaled Hamid in St. Louis which explains the Townsend’s shilling for CAIR. Townsend also writes for The American Muslim.

** Now… This may be news to Tim Townsend and the Post-Dispatch but their comment section is chock full of Islam-bashing comments too:

From Barnburner (12:08)

People interested in prayer.

No doubt it’s a terrorist plan to kill us all….

From Kolyadora (12:31):

I can’t wait until some “honor beatings/killings” start happening and licensed Missouri attorneys start arguing on behalf of sharia. That will be just great.

From Robem (16:04):

The city should never have issued a permit for a broadcast tower that wasn’t to be broadcasting. The notion is absurd, they will be broadcasting. And according to city officials at my last neighborhood meeting, the story has changed, they will be using the tower to call to prayer “on special occasions”. I asked if that’s weekly or what, they said it’s up to them. It’s not very nice for a religious organization to come into neighborhood and deceiving the community on their intentions. If it does become daily I’m sure it will get old quickly with the non Muslim community.

From PabstBlueRibbon (11:01 ):

Yes, been seeing this colossal monstrosity going up for some time now.

Can’t wait til I start hearing the call to prayer chants going out from Raghead tower.

** Finally… Doug Ross offers a Handy Guide for Tim Townsend on blogging for beginners.

** NewsBusters is now reporting on the Post-Dispatch’s CAIR coddling.

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