FARC Releases 4 Hostages… Only 796 More to Go

The FARC terror group released 4 more Colombian hostages today.
…Only 796 more to go!

(left to right) Luis Eladio Perez, Gloria Polanco, Former Colombian lawmaker Orlando Beltran
and former Colombian senator Jorge Gechem were released by FARC today.

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views says it best:

So eventually the FARC and Chavez reached some agreement, something was given somewhere and the Colombian army stayed put. Four more hostages were released.

First, let’s celebrate that 4 more Colombians are freed. Let’s hope that the 796 that are left will be released shortly because at a rate of 4 a month we are looking forward to yet 16 more years of slow hostage release assuming that new ones are not taken.

UPDATE: Fausta has more on this latest FARC fracas.

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