Democrat Raul Martinez– Gets Into Slugfest at Rally (Video)

Fighting for you… Fighting to win…

** Babalu has the goods on the upstanding Democratic candidate for the 21st District and media darling, Raul Martinez.

Martinez is serious about bringing change to Florida politics.

Fighting for Florida. Fighting for Change.

More on Martinez Here
He represents the party well.

Henry Gomez at Babalu wrote in with this on Raul Martinez:

A little background… Raul Martinez was the wildly popular mayor of Hialeah, the most Cuban city in America. He was popular because he lived by the old Tip O’Neil axiom that all politics is local.

…He’s running for Congress against Lincoln Diaz-Balart a popular Republican. The district contains almost the entire city of Hialeah as well as other parts of south Florida where Martinez doesn’t have any juice. It’s going to be an ugly campaign and we are of course supporting Diaz Balart. This incident with the protester is well known but people need to be reminded of how much of a hothead this guy is. One thing is to be a mayor another is to be a legislator where you have to build coalitions and consensus.

Democrat Raul Martinez is expected to mount a significant challenge to Republican Diaz Balart this year at the ballot box.

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