Clinton Advisor and Hillraiser Meets Secretly With Syrian Regime

(And… Obama advisors were present at the meetings.)

In 2001, at the invitation of Mobil Oil Chairman Lucio Noto, whom he counts as a “personal friend,” Hassan Nemazee joined the board of the American-Iranian Council, a U.S. lobbying group that consistently has supported lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran and accommodating the Tehran regime.

Hassan Nemazee also helped establish the Iranian-American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) Because of his association with IAPAC, Hassan Nemazee was accused of serving as an agent for the Islamic government of Iran by the Student Movement Coordinating Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI)- via Crosswalk.

Here Hillary Clinton is seen at a dinner party and fundraiser at the Nemazee home in 2005. Hassan Nemazee is standing in the middle.
Nemazee is also listed as a Hillraiser for his extensive donations to the Clinton campaign.


This past week Hassan Nemazee met with Syrian President Assad along with Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisore Zbigniew Brzezinski who is a former advisor to Jimmy Carter.
The New York Sun reported:

One of the national finance chairmen for Senator Clinton presidential campaign left Damascus last night after a visit there as part of a RAND Corp. delegation to meet with Middle Eastern leaders.

According to the Syrian press, the RAND delegation met with President Assad on Wednesday, the day the world learned that a Hezbollah master terrorist, Imad Mugniyeh, was slain in a car bombing in the Syrian capital.

The New York Sun confirmed the presence of the Clinton campaign official, Hassan Nemazee, on the RAND delegation through two sources familiar with the trip. In addition, the night manager of the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus told the Sun: “Mr. Hassan Nemazee has been checked out of the hotel. He left the night of the 14th.”

The Clinton campaign offered no comment last night. Mr. Nemazee’s assistant in New York would only say Mr. Nemazee was traveling.

The Sun reported Tuesday that the RAND delegation trip to Syria was headed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a foreign policy adviser to Mrs. Clinton’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Obama. Mr. Brzezinski was the national security adviser to President Carter…

A research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Tony Badran, praised that statement, but said the presence of Mr. Nemazee in the RAND delegation to Syria raised questions about Mrs. Clinton’s support for Lebanon’s democracy movement.

“Given that the visit coincided with that anniversary and the discovery that Syria was harboring one of the most wanted terrorists on the planet, this visit by a top finance chair raises certain questions about the policy she intends to pursue with Syria if she should become president,” Mr. Badran said.

Well, at least the Clinton and Obama camps can agree on one thing– to meet with dictators.

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi

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