Castro Goes Out With a Whimper– Bush Hopes For Democracy

“Castro” published a letter in the middle of the night with the state run newspaper Granma announcing his retirement.

Babalu has reaction.
Val Prieto says little changes with this announcement:

Cuba’s prisons are still rife with prisoners of conscience. Ordinary Cuban’s are still subjected to Cuba’s system of apartheid. Dissidents are still being round up and harrassed. The UN Declaration on Human Rights remains taboo on the island.

Michelle Malkin posted the Castro zombie doll.
Fausta notes the countdown to transition officially begins.


President Bush touring Africa today said he is looking for democracy in a post-Castro Cuba:

“I believe that the change from Fidel Castro ought to begin a period of democratic transition,” the president said. “First step, of course, will be for people put in these prisons to be let out. I have met with some of the families of prisoners. It just breaks your heart to realize that people have been thrown in prison because they dared speak out.”

Cuban dissidents who were expelled from the island just days ago said on Tuesday that, “Fidel Castro’s retirement changed little but could bring a transition to multi-party democracy nearer.” –Reuters.

UPDATE: ABC’s Diane Sawyer describes Castro as “the dashing rock star.”

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