Bush Speaks at CPAC: Cheney Is the Best VP in History (Video)

The best EVER.

Bush tells CPAC that Dick Cheney is the best Vice President– Ever!

Sadly CSPAN did not carry the president’s speech live this morning.
FOX News talked over the introduction by Senator Mitch McConnell.

Michelle Malkin posted a preview of the president’s speech.

Bush thanked the CPAC members for inviting the presidential candidates to the forum and told them that VP Cheney was the best Vice President in US history.

Then… FOX and Friends interrupted the president’s speech after about 5 minutes into it to talk with Dick Morris(?)
What was that? His poll numbers are in the tank but still?

Here’s President George W. Bush on VP Cheney– “The Best Ever”:

That line by Bush ought to cause a bit of a meltdown.
Do you suppose the Oscar-winning Peace-loving Gorical would agree?

President Bush was expected to give his support to Senator McCain during the talk today at CPAC.

Related… Pamela Geller introduced Mark Steyn yesterday who gave a wonderful talk to the CPAC crowd.

UPDATED: Here is the full text of the president’s speech at CPAC.

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