Body Found In Torched US Embassy in Belgrade Identified

Zoran Vujovic had fled Kosovo in the 1990’s with his family.
He was 21.

Zoran Vujovic was found dead in the US Embassy in Belgrade after it was torched this week. (GP)

The young man who died in the US Embassy fire was identified by his father.
His Serbian family had fled Kosovo in the 1990’s to get away from the violence.
The Australian News reported:

THE charred body found inside the US embassy of Belgrade after it was set ablaze by rioters was a young Serbian man whose family had fled Kosovo.

The remains of Zoran Vujovic, a 21-year-old student from Serbia’s second city of Novi Sad, were identified by his father after he failed to show up after the attack on the US embassy on Thursday night, said the daily newspaper Blic.

Vujovic, who was also named in the Alo and Kurir tabloids, had travelled to Belgrade with his 20-year-old brother Lazar and friends to demonstrate against Kosovo’s unilateral independence declaration made on Sunday.

Father Milan and mother Ljiljana reported him as missing late on Thursday after he failed to respond to telephone calls and return to Novi Sad, some 70 km north of Belgrade, Blic quoted a relative as saying.

The Vujovic family had moved to Novi Sad from Caglavica, a Serb-populated village near the Kosovo capital Pristina in July 1999, at the end of a NATO bombing campaign to stop a Serbian crackdown on Kosovo Albanians.

Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica will host Russian President Vladimir Putin’s likely successor, Dmitry Medvedev, on Monday. Serbia blamed the US for the current crisis in Kosovo.
Reuters has video from Kosovo.

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