Aussie Woman Plans Public Bombing In Exchange For Marriage

Hassan Kalache, a 28 year old drug dealer serving a 22-year jail sentence in Australia, was angry over the 2005 Cronulla riots. He agreed to marry Jill Courtney an Islamic convert if she carried out a retaliatory public bombing in Sydney.

Directing operations: Jail inmate Hassan Kalache is said to be behind a plot to bomb Sydney. (SMH)

The Sydney Morning Herald and ROP reported:

A WOMAN agreed to plant a bomb on a busy Sydney street in exchange for a promise of marriage from her prisoner boyfriend, a court has heard.

Jill Allison Courtney and Hassan Kalache are on trial in the NSW Supreme Court, charged with conspiring to bomb a public place and kill or maim passers-by.

Courtney occasionally whispered to Kalache during the court proceedings.

In his opening address, the prosecutor, Anthony Cook, SC, said Courtney was “very much in love” with Kalache, who used the prospect of marriage “as an incentive” for her to carry out the plot.

He said Kalache had suggested Courtney “place a bomb in a public place in Sydney and she, mainly because of her love for him, agreed … that it would be done and that she would do it”.

A search of Courtney’s home found partial recipes for bomb-making and a wig which she planned to use as a disguise, Mr Cook said.

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