Arkansas Doctor Clarifies: "We've Had Leprosy Since Forever"

Now, there’s a comforting thought.
Responding to the reports on Thursday that Arkansas was experiencing a leprosy outbreak the Arkansas Department of Health’s branch chief responded:

“We have had leprosy in Arkansas since forever. Some people get the idea that leprosy just came with the Marshallese. That’s not true.” D.r. James R. Phillips, the Arkansas Department of Health’s branch chief of infectious diseases, denying claims in a TV news report that there is an outbreak of leprosy in Springdale.

On Thursday it was reported
9 Cases of Leprosy in Springdale, Arkansas!
Here’s the video report from northwest Arkansas:

An estimated 6,000-8,000 immigrants from the Marshall Islands, a leprosy leader, live in Springdale, Arkansas.
Now, the state says not to worry- there’s always been leprosy in Arkansas.

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