AP: Obama Will Expand Human Rights By Coddling With Dictators

The AP today insisted that Obama’s plan to talk with brutal regimes will expand human rights… His plan hasn’t worked very well in Zimbabwe so far where they decided to start shooting protesters today.

Don’t expect to see the spread of free democratic elections if B.H. Obama is elected.

The corruption of the media knows no bounds.
How in the world Associated Press writer Anne Flaherty believes that coddling to Syria, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela and forfeiting Iraq to Al Qaeda will expand human rights is beyond comprehension.
God Help the Suffering People of the World.
This assertion is so morally bankrupt. It speaks volumes on the state of today’s American media.
From the AP:

Based on his Senate history, Barack Obama as president would likely push to expand human rights and reduce poverty abroad using cooperation rather than confrontation. If foreign events permit.

Aside from his vigorous opposition to the Iraq war, Obama spent more of his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on speeches and inspirational trips than on investigations and aggressive oversight. He was a junior senator with an agreeable manner who was just beginning to cut his teeth on foreign policy issues when he decided to run for president.

Since he took office in 2005, much of Obama’s work attracted little, if any, attention because of the nation’s focus on the Iraq war. Obama pushed through legislation that condemned violence by the Zimbabwe government, for example. He helped raise awareness about Darfur and called on the administration to do more to reduce global poverty.

In 2005, he traveled with Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., to Russian nuclear sites. In 2006, he visited the Middle East and Africa, where he and his wife publicly took HIV tests in Kenya to encourage citizens there to do the same.

Here’s a clue for Anne Flaherty on what you get by talking with brutal dictators like Robert Mugabe:

You get street children sleeping on streets, inflation of 3,700%, death, torture, suffering and the same regime in power today that was in power yesterday.
Oh… And, today the Mugabe regime gave police the power to shoot protesters to avoid election clashes.


Is it any wonder that the military fears an Obama presidency?

UPDATE: This is absolutely frightening…
Obama Chicken-Dove video.
Doug Ross has the details.

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