Al-Qaeda Straps Bombs to 2 Mentally Disabled Women– Explosions Kill Dozens in Baghdad

Al Qaeda use two ‘Down’s syndrome’ women to blow up 73 people

Iraqis mourn the death of their relative outside Baghdad’s al-Kindi hospital. Powerful blasts triggered by female suicide attackers have ripped through two Baghdad pet markets, killing 64 people in the most lethal bombings in the Iraqi capital in six months. (AFP/Ahmad Al-Rubaye)

Al-Qaeda reaches new low…
The terrorists strapped bombs on two mentally handicapped women and detonated the bombs remotely as the women went to a Baghdad market.
The BBC reported:

More than 70 people have been killed by two bombs in Baghdad, attached to two mentally disabled women and detonated remotely, says a security official.

“The al-Qaeda terrorists and criminals are proud of this method,” Brig Qassem Ata al-Moussawi told the BBC.

The death toll in Friday morning’s attacks at two animal markets was the highest in months in Baghdad.

Correspondents say a fragile sense of normality had returned to the capital following an influx of US troops.

Security has improved significantly since the US implemented its troop “surge” in the second half of 2007.

The AFP reported that one was a blonde bomber:


At the Al-Ghazl market, the head of the blonde-haired bomber was seen lying in a pool of blood as emergency workers gathered body parts and the personal effects of those killed and wounded, an AFP correspondent said.

The AP reported that the women may not have been willing attackers… Ya think?

CNN has more:

People referred to the bomber at central Baghdad’s al-Ghazl market as the “crazy woman” and that the bomber at a second market had an unspecified birth disability.

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