A Lover Scorned… John McCain's Love Affair With the Old Gray Lady Is Done

Conservatives may soon have a reason to rally behind John McCain.

“I love my country…” merchandise.

After the Love Is Gone
After years of a lovely relationship and a recent endorsement The New York Times turned on their favorite Maverick Republican today and published a bogus story on a suspected affair (pushed by the discredited New Republic). The favorite anti-Republican Republican politician is suddenly scorned by the Old Gray Lady.

If there was ever a moment that clarifies the grotesque bias of the media leading New York Times it is this moment.
Their fair-haired Republican is the front runner for President. And, suddenly after years of kissie-kissie there appears a Maverick hit piece.
The love affair is over.


And, there’s only one way for the Maverick to bring back that loving feeling
…Lose in November.

Powerline adds this on the Old Gray Lady’s Maverick affair scandal: “The story is just one more reminder of why no sophisticated person takes the Times seriously as a news source.”

UPDATE: John McCain blasted The New York Times on Thursday morning at a press conference in Toledo.
FOX News reported:

“I’m very disappointed in the New York Times piece. It’s not true,” he said.

Asked about his relationship with the lobbyist, he said, “I have many friends in Washington who represent various interests and … I consider her a friend.”

He said he saw her “on occasion” at fundraisers, receptions and committee meetings, but that was all.

His wife Cindy, standing by his side, defended her husband, saying, “He’s a man of great character and I’m very disappointed in the New York Times.”

HotAir has the video.

UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh rallied for McCain today.

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