9 Minors Wait To Be Hanged in Iran

9 minors are waiting to be hanged in Iran.

The regime is waiting for the minors to turn 18 so that they can hang them.
AKI reported:

Nine minors condemned to death in Iran are waiting in prison for their 18th birthday when they will be executed.

The minors – Benjamin Rasouli, Behrooz Shojaii, Morteza Feizi, Massoud Kafishir, Saiid Gazi, Hossein Taranj, Mehdi Azimi, Hamed Pour Heydari and Mostafa Naghdsi – are all minors that committed crimes during their adolescence.

All were found guilty by Islamic courts and condemned to death.

The teenagers are being detained in prison in Rajaishahr, around 100 kilometres from Tehran.

Although it has signed all the conventions that ban the death penalty for minors, Iran has hanged many young people who at the time they committed their crimes were under 18 years of age.

The last young person hanged for committing a crime during his adolescence was Makwan Moloudzadeh, hanged on December 5 last year in Kermanshah prison in Iranian Kurdistan.

Makwan was accused of having had homosexual relations with two companions at the age of 13.

There are at least 75 juveniles on death row in Iran.

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