Worst Ever— Ron Paul Talks Tonkin & Tanks (Video)

Ron Paul broke the record in Thursday’s South Carolina Republican Debate.
It was the first time ever that a candidate from either party scored such low favorability numbers with focus group listeners in any debate that FOX News has hosted.
Paul’s Tonkin Talk Tanked:

Ron Paul has a definite segment interested in his message.
But, that talk of Tonkin message did not resonate with Republicans tonight.
It probably would have been a huge hit with a paranoid Democratic crowd, though.

Glenn Reynolds noted that Ron Paul must have forgotten about the USS Cole when he was talking about the Iranian boating incident this week:

Seventeen sailors died in the suicide bomb boat attack that punched a 40-by-40-foot hole in the $1 billion warship’s port side as it took on fuel in a Yemeni harbor. (CNN)

It was a rough day for Ron Paul.

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