Viva Las Vegas? Democratic Nevada Debate –2008

The top three Democratic candidates are debating tonight on MSNBC.

Out of the blocks NBC hosts Brian Williams and Tim Russert are nailing the candidates on their racial infighting this past week.
The candidates are putting on a love-fest for the crowd.
(Don’t believe it, Barak! Watch your back!)

John Edwards is shamed for being a white man.
HotAir has the video.
John Edwards continues to bash the US corporations. There’s nothing that gets lawyer Edwards as outraged as evil corporations.


Hillary Clinton panders to blacks and Hispanics in Las Vegas– She talks about the homes and families she met (legal and illegal) in Las Vegas- the black and brown people.

Hillary seems to be glaring at Obama. She is not very warm tonight… Maybe, a supporter could ask her about her hair so she can break down in tears.

This is really pretty boring- bring out the cage and let them go at it like real Democrats.

NOTE: The answer to everything in this socialist debate is more government.

The 3 Amigos commit to withdraw from Iraq and leave no permanent base in the country… How very dangerous and irresponsible!
John Edwards calls it an occupation.
He claims only 10% of the violence in Iraq is from Al-Qaeda.
All three are now balking on removing the troops– they will do it responsibly and and orderly -blah-blah- which could mean about anything.

Here’s the video of all 3 candidates forming their “pact” to surrender:

The Democratic Party leaders still insist on fleeing Iraq even though the US is now winning the war there against Al-Qaeda.
What’s obvious is that all 3 Democrats are very weak on national security.

Democrats will not build more nuclear power plants.

Hillary Clinton– This is a black-brown debate— black-brown, brown black, black-Hispanic-brown…

Hillary Clinton on guns– I will work to continue assault weapon’s ban.

Hillary Clinton talks about the frayed relationships caused by the Bush Administration. Syria? Iran? North Korea?
Obama says Iraq has made us less safe (How?)

Obama accuses Hillary of fear-mongering to close the debate.
That was sweet.
The video is great- just watching Hillary glare at him.
** It is posted HERE.

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