US Democrats Pay Tribute To FARC Terrorists

FARC punked Chavez this week-
3 US House Democrats joined in the punkfest.

Dear “Sureshot”,

Thanks for letting us know that our citizens you guys kidnapped 4 years ago are still alive. You FARC guys are great.

It’s been real,
US House Democrats McGovern, Meeks and Delahunt

FARC terrorists have been holding US defense contractors Keith Stansell, Mark Gonsalves and Thomas Howes since 2003 in the jungles of Colombia.

Gonsalves, Stansell and Howes were doing drug surveillance for the Department of Defense when they were taken hostage in February 2003. The single-engine plane carrying them and two other men crashed in a remote, mountainous region south of Colombia’s capital, Bogota. Almost four years later they are still being held by FARC.

This week Democratic House members felt it was time to thank the FARC terrorists for their efforts. reported:


Three congressmen have sent a letter to the leader of Colombia’s largest rebel group welcoming the recent release of “proof-of-life” videos of three Americans held hostage by the guerrillas.

The unusual missive to the leader of a group Washington classifies as a terrorist organization was sent this week by Reps. James McGovern and Bill Delahunt, both Democrats from Massachusetts, and Rep. Gregory Meeks, a New York Democrat.

The letter is addressed to Manuel “Sureshot” Marulanda (pictured), the septuagenarian leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as the FARC. The group has been holding the three U.S. defense contractors since 2003, along with 44 other high-profile hostages.

The congressmen gave the letter to opposition Colombian Sen. Piedad Cordoba at a meeting this week in Washington.

“It was a step in the right direction and we wanted to show our appreciation,” Meeks told The Associated Press during a phone interview Friday, referring to the videos released last month showing the three Americans alive. “We also told him that we now expect to see the hostages come home and that we’re standing by to help in any way we can.”

The three Northrup Grumman contractors were taken hostage after their small plane crashed over Colombia’s southern jungles during an anti-narcotics mission.

The congressmen also acknowledged as a positive development the FARC’s announcement this week that it would release three other hostages, including an aide to former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and the aide’s young son.

Although the democrats thanked FARC for the release of 3 hostages this week— The terrorists were just balking.

FARC punked Hugo Chavez and Oliver Stone this week when they did not release the 3 hostages as they promised.
3 US House Democrats joined in the punkfest.

MORE: Fausta reported that FARC punked Chavez yet again!
Poor Hugo.

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