Unruly Mob In KKK Outfits Shout Down St. Louis Mayor at MLK Rally

Democratic Mob rules at MLK Day Celebrations in St. Louis.
Protesters dressed as KKK members harassed Mayor Slay during his speech on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in St. Louis.

JANUARY 18, 2008 – St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (in front on right) waits to speak as protesters, including Anthony Sahaid dressed in a Klu Klux Klan outfit. chant “Slay Must Go” during a ceremony held to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at The Old Court House.
(John L. White/P-D)

Local KSDK has video of this shameful display in St. Louis.


Your Democratic Party in action…
Yesterday in St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was shouted down by an unruly mob at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rally at the Old Courthouse.
KSDK reported:

At the St. Louis Martin Luther King Day ceremonies, held inside the Old Courthouse, Mayor Francis Slay was shouted down by some protesters when he took the podium and tried to speak.

Protesters chanted, “Slay must go! Slay must go!” apparently in reference to the demotion of former fire chief Sherman George. George was demoted after refusing to promote several (white) firefighters (after none of the black applicants passed the basic qualifying test), at the Mayor’s instruction. George then retired.

The demonstration continued for several minutes, despite organizers’ attempts to get the crowd to quiet down. George was in attendance at the ceremony. At one point, he took the podium and tried to get protesters to allow organizers to continue with the event agenda.

Organizers said, “We heard you, we heard you. In that doing that, you have disrespected Martin Luther King. We all want to go, to Powell Hall. We need to move the program.”

With the Mayor looking on behind him, George took the podium. He could be heard saying, “I certainly appreciate your support, but today we’re trying to get through the program, because we’re here to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Slay gave his speech despite the fact that few people could hear him.

Afterwards, Slay said, “I heard there was going to be an effort to hijack the ceremony. There were some people who wanted to use this for their own political efforts, whatever that may have been. But I was there, along with the vast majority of people, to give honor to a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to celebrate his life and his legacy, and to be there as a Mayor for the entire city of St. Louis. I know that the vast majority of people in the city are more interested in moving the city forward, bringing people together, than dividing the city of St. Louis.”

Protesters carried KKK signs attacking the mayor for his firing of the first black Fire Chief in the City of St. Louis.

The mayor said the organizers of the Martin Luther King event invited him to speak- KMOV.

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