Trust in Media Plummets— Americans See More Success In Iraq Than Media- Say Media Hurts Troop Morale

BAD NEWS for elitist gasbags…
America is on to you.
Americans don’t trust the media, especially on Iraq, and believe that the liberal media is harming the troops.

The Al-Kawwaz Family in Baghdad strongly agrees.

On November 29, 2007, the Western media reported that 11 close family members of Jordanian-based Baathist reporter Dia al-Kawwaz, who runs the online anti-Iraq newspaper Shabeqat Akhbar al-Iraq, were slaughtered in Baghdad. This made headlines around the world. Two days later, the “dead family members” of Dia Al-Kawwaz appeared on Iraqi television smiling and waving to the cameras. Not one Western media organization showed this photo or film of the waving family members. (Iraqi Barutha News photo of the Al-Kawwaz family- very much alive!)

Charles Johnson reported the latest findings from a Sacred Heart University poll on the media:

A Sacred Heart University Poll found significantly declining percentages of Americans saying they believe all or most of media news reporting. In the current national poll, just 19.6% of those surveyed could say they believe all or most news media reporting. This is down from 27.4% in 2003. Just under one-quarter, 23.9%, in 2007 said they believe little or none of reporting while 55.3% suggested they believe some media news reporting.

…The perception is growing among Americans that the news media attempts to influence public opinionfrom 79.3% strongly or somewhat agreeing in 2003 to 87.6% in 2007.

And, 86.0% agreed (strongly or somewhat) that the news media attempts to influence public policies – up from 76.7% in 2003.

The Centre Daily has even more disturbing findings from this Sacred Heart poll, via Terp Mole:

“Americans are discerning, through a maze of information sources, the truth about our status in Iraq. They see more success than the media is reporting,” said Jerry C. Lindsley, director of the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute. He added, “They are especially disturbed that negative media reports damage U.S. troop morale.”

Nearly three-quarters of all Americans surveyed, 70.7%, indicated they strongly or somewhat agreed that negative media reporting damages troop morale.

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