The Hillary & Barack Show… California Dem Debate

Bill “We have to slow down the economy” Clinton already warmed up the crowd for Hillary today.
The CNN California Democratic Presidential Primary Debate is on…

Supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton hold large banners and posters before the Democratic presidential debate in front of the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Tonight “Sweet Hillary” showed up to debate.

BTW: Edward’s supporters in Missouri today announced that they are throwing their weight behind Barack Obama.


Obama scores– One difference between Hillary and I is that I want to diminish the influence of special interest.
I want to elevate diplomacy to keep us safe.

Hillary Clinton reminds everyone of her failure to socialize health care during her first term in the White House.

Doug Ross offers a candidate comparison chart.

Obama drops the first “Kennedy” of the night.
Hillary demands that everyone be covered by insurance companies.
They both hate business- the enemy.

Socialism wins out– Barack bashes tax cuts for people who don’t need them.

Wolf Blitzer- Hillary your health care plan will cost $110 billion annually. You want to tax the rich to pay for this?
Hillary – Pretty much.

Barack- We can be a nation of laws and of immigrants. They can become citizens after they learn English. We should not use the issue of immigration to divide this country. –Good answer

Oops… Obama wants driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

Hillary wants to tighten down on the borders, too(?)

Roger Simon is liveblogging.
So is Michelle Malkin.

Barack slams Hillary on her many stands on licenses for immigration.
Obama slams Hillary on her many license for illegal aliens stands:

Hillary- We want to respect the dignity of every human being (except the unborn, of course).

Hillary- “It took a (impeached) Clinton to clean up after the first Bush. I think we need another Clinton to clean up after this Bush.”

Obama– “We will not have a permanent “occupation” in Iraq.”
The war has not made us more safe(?)

Hillary points out supporter Maxine Waters– voted one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

Hillary wants legislation to remove bases from Iraq- because in the Democratic state of mind, that makes America less safe(?)

Hillary lies about her positions on the War in Iraq.

Barack makes it clear that he will not send troops anywhere… ever.
The Obama foreign policy is very dangerous.

Hillary- “It took a (impeached) Clinton to clean up after the first Bush. I think we need another Clinton to clean up after this Bush.”

Hillary lies more – She claims the president did not listen to her in the runup to the Iraq War and other lies.
Here’s a look back:

She is shameless.

Barack slams Hillary: “It’s not just necessary to be ready to lead from day one, but it is important to make the right decisions from day one.”

The debate in itself was good- several issues were discussed.
It was not the dogfight like last time.
For being the most liberal senator in Congress, Obama sure is likeable.
It’s too bad that they are antiwar socialists.

Kathryn Jean Lopez concludes:

Hillary is the McCain of this debate. She’s sitting there with a patronizing smirk. Unpleasant.

Maybe it doesn’t matter on either side — the polls certainly suggest it might not. But Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney makes you feel good about America. McCain vs. Hillary makes you stressed.


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