Sweet!!… Internet Voters Put "GI Jill" Into Semi-Finals of Miss America (Video!)


Internet voters lifted Miss Utah “GI Jill” into the semi-finals of the Miss America Contest.

Jill Stevens was selected “America’s Choice,” based on voting via text messages from viewers of a reality show– and internet bloggers!
Here’s the exciting video:

The show is on live now on TLC (Saturday 7:00 PM CST)


But, that quickly changed…
BUMMER— Miss Utah “GI Jill” was eliminated in the next round.
She got down and did push ups with the other contestants before leaving the stage.

(AP Photo)
The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

Stevens, a marathon runner and the only contestant to choose a one-piece suit for what is billed as a the “fitness” portion of the competition, answered to her elimination by dropping to the stage for a set of push-ups, to the cheers of thousands in the audience, including scores of her fellow soldiers from the Utah National Guard.

That was a very bad move for a program that wants to reinvent itself.
…I turned the channel.

Well done, GI Jill! You made us all very proud.

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UPDATE: And, congratulations also to Kirsten Haglund, Miss Michigan for winning the competition.

UPDATE 2: Democracy Project posted a nice writeup on GI Jill by the AP(?)

UPDATE 3: Jammie Wearing Fool has more coverage on this year’s show.

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