Suicide Bomber in Iraq Murders His Relative By Mistake

A suicide bomber in Iraq killed his relative with a candy box today by mistake.
Sheik Hadi was killed by his relative today in Anbar Province. The sheik was just released from detention after being held for 5 days. He was suspected of having ties with Al-Qaeda.
His bomber relative had intended to kill another sheik at the home.
CNN and ROP reported:

U.S. planes bombarded al Qaeda in Iraq safe havens on the southern outskirts of Baghdad Sunday, hours after a suicide bomber carrying explosive in a candy box killed six people in Anbar province.

The suicide bomber handed the explosive-laden box to Sheikh Hadi, recently freed from U.S. custody, at a celebration attended by members of the Anbar Awakening Council who were celebrating his release from U.S. custody, an Interior Ministry official said.

Hadi was killed, along with five others, including two guards, according to the official.


The suicide bomber was a relative of Hadi, the Interior Ministry official told CNN, but the bomber’s target was Sheikh Aeifan al-Issawi and other members of the Anbar Awakening Council.

Hadi had been in U.S. custody for about five days, said al-Issawi, who escaped without injury. Al Qaeda in Iraq had planted a bomb near Hadi’s house and made it appear that the sheikh was dealing with insurgents, said al-Issawi, the leading member of the Council.

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