South Carolina Dem Primary— Barack Obama Wins!! (Video)

Signs point to a record turnout in South Carolina today.

FOX News panelists say this primary may change the democratic primary and future contests may put more of a focus on race… just as the Clinton’s were hoping to do.

FOX News just reported that BARACK OBAMA WINS!
Barack Obama runs away with the primary winning 55% of the vote.


** Obama won a majority of blacks (80%) and one quarter of white vote.
** Obama won one half of white voters under the age of 30.
** Obama won 66% of the youth vote compared to 25% for Clinton.
** Obama also won 58% of democrats!
** And, Obama also won a majority (51%) of higher income voters to Clinton’s 26%!
** Hillary Clinton did well with less educated and elderly democrats.
** Obama tied Hillary among white men.

Clinton has only a slight lead over John Edwards!

HotAir has more on the today’s results.
Pajamas Media liveblogged the contest.

UPDATE: No he didn’t!!… Billy Jeff played the “Jesse Jackson” card.
Or rather, Bill Clinton played the ace card of the race cards- “Bubba: Obama Is Just Like Jesse Jackson.”

UPDATE 2: Obama gets a strong endorsement from Caroline Kennedy in the New York Times.

UPDATE 3: The Clinton’s spin the bad news but they were wrong on one thing. Their press release says that Obama won by 12. Obama actually won by 28 percentage points over second place Hillary Clinton.

It looks like it’s time for another Hillary crying jag.

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