SEAN HANNITY Endorses Mitt Romney! (Audio)

Prominent conservative radio and TV host Sean Hannity endorsed Mitt Romney today on his radio program.

Sean Hannity on the radio today announced that he is endorsing Governor Mitt Romney.

It is the first time he has backed a candidate this year. Conservative icon Hannity says he is backing Romney:

“I’ll tell you right now, and I’ve not announced this, but I will be voting for Mitt Romney in this campaign. It’s the first time I’ve stated it publicly. I’ll state it now.”

Here’s the audio from the show.


Mark Levin, a close associate and friend of Sean Hannity, backed Mitt Romney today as the last conservative remaining in this year’s race.
Bryan at HotAir called it a nuking and explains:

I think it’s do or die time for conservatives. Either we rally to Romney or we reconcile ourselves to McCain and all that that means. It’s one or the other. We have a few more days to make up our minds.

Doug Ross offers the candidate comaparison chart:

Bring it with you to the polls.

Alice Wills Gold has more on Mitt.

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