Ruh-Roh! Surging Iraq Poll Numbers May Spell Doom for Cut & Run Party

In their wildest imagination the Cut & Run Party never expected this–
A win in Iraq.

But new poll numbers show that the anti-Bush media is having a hard time hiding this fact from Americans:

Melanie Morgan at World Net Daily reported on this poll:

It’s a huge, stunning shift in the polls that is undoubtedly going to shake up the 2008 elections.
From down 21 percent to now up by 6 percent the new polls (just released) show the swing in momentum, one that has been remarkable by the media’s silence on the matter. The tectonic swing in public opinion is taking place under radar and no one is talking about it…

But month after month of progress by U.S. and Coalition troops have managed to pierce through the lies of the liberal mainstream media, and the American people are learning the truth: Our troops are winning in Iraq.

While the September 2007 CBS/New York Times poll showed that more Americans thought “the surge” was making “no impact” (51 percent) than thought the surge was making things “better” (30 percent), the outlook today is much more promising.

The brand new CBS News/New York Times poll taken in the last several days shows just how much things have changed.

Today more Americas believe “the surge” is making things “better” (40 percent) than making “no impact” (34 percent). (A stubborn 12 percent of Americans actually think “the surge” is making things worse, which accounts for those mentally challenged types who have been donating money to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich).

The same type of movement is being seen in other polls.

No wonder Senator Hillary Clinton is trying to take credit for the surge today– a surge she voted against.
She really has no shame.


UPDATE: Fred Barnes details today how Bush came to the decision to “surge troops” and win the War in Iraq:

The 20-minute speech on January 10, 2007, was not Bush’s most eloquent. And it wasn’t greeted with applause. Democrats condemned the surge and Republicans were mostly silent. Polls showing strong public opposition to the war in Iraq were unaffected.

But the president, as best I could tell, wasn’t looking for affirmation. He was focused solely on victory in Iraq. The surge may achieve that. And if it does, Bush’s decision to spurn public opinion and the pressure of politics and intensify the war in Iraq will surely be regarded as the greatest of his presidency.

And, the rest is history.

UPDATE: Redstate and Engram have the latest numbers from Iraq that shows continued progress.

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