Rudy Giuliani's Non-Endorsement Endorsement Ad

An endorsement from The New York Times is not exactly a top priority of most Republicans.
Rudy Giuliani gets the last word in with The Old Gray Liberal Lady:

Was this ad enough?
We’ll know tomorrow night.

John Hinderaker at Powerline adds this:

If Florida is between McCain and Romney, then the nomination race is between McCain and Romney. It’s too bad; I think Giuliani might have been our strongest candidate in the general election. He was expected to fight McCain to be the first choice of the party’s moderate wing, and, given the problems McCain has had with the party’s base, Rudy had every reason to think he could come out on top and be one of the last candidates standing, even if he skipped the early primaries.

Democracy Project says, “Giuliani’s possible last stand may be with class that I applaud.”


The Anchoress ads this on Rudy:

I have no idea how he, or Romney, or Huckabee would turn around an economy, resolve a social problem or – God forbid – deal with a nation under attack and hurting.

I know those things about Rudy, because, frankly – he’s done them!

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