Rams Owner Georgia Frontiere Dies At 80 of Cancer

St. Louis Rams Owner Georgia Frontiere has died.
Georgia Frontiere had a full and amazing life:

Georgia Frontiere (November 21, 1927 – January 18, 2008) was the co-owner and chairwoman of the St. Louis Rams. She grew up in a middle class home, the daughter of an insurance salesman and entertainer Lucia Pamela. When she was 15 years old, her parents divorced and a shaken Frontiere eloped with her boyfriend, a US Army soldier who died in World War II. After going to college at Pepperdine University for business and working for several years as a secretary, Frontiere decided that she wanted to enter show business. She moved to Los Angeles and later Miami, where she worked as a dancer, a singer, a weather forecaster, and in various other jobs.

In 1957, Frontiere, a well known Miami dancer, began running with an elite crowd. It was Joseph P. Kennedy, father of future president John Kennedy, who introduced Frontiere to Carroll Rosenbloom, NFL owner and millionaire uniforms manufacturer.

Frontiere inherited ownership of the team, then based in Anaheim, California, in 1979, after the death of her husband. Rosenbloom, an avid ocean swimmer, died mysteriously in the Atlantic. Although no evidence of foul play was uncovered, it is rumored that Rosenbloom, a high stakes gamblers, was killed over failure to repay debts. The PBS series ‘Frontline’ investigated the story and reported mafia involvement. Rosenbloom left the team to Frontiere in his will, but it is speculated that this was only for tax purposes and that Rosenbloom wanted his son Steven to assume control. However, Frontiere quickly dismissed her stepson from the organization and assumed full control.

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