Olmert Government in Turmoil After Bush Visit!

President George W. Bush may have unwittingly helped cause the break-up of the Olmert Government Coalition in Israel.
Thank Goodness!

Right Wing members of the Olmert Government, including the Yisrael Beiteniu Party with 11 seats, are planning on leaving the government. The party is expected to meet Wednesday morning, before a press conference to announce their decision. They are upset with the decision by Olmert to divide Jerusalem.

One Jerusalem has the latest on these developments.


The Yisrael Beiteniu Party members announced today that they are leaving the government but their Party Chairman Avigdor Lieberman has not yet confirmed the reports, according to YNET News.

Israel Matsav reported today that Olmert’s approval rating has dropped to single digits.

Astute Bloggers has more on the major crack in the Olmert coalition.

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