Obama to the Clinton's: "Honesty Is My Best Defense"

–Zing!— Obama scores again.

Hillary gets Baracked. (Reuters)

Fess up.
Although, you may disagree with most all of Barack Obama’s socialist antiwar views, you have to admit that… You like Barack Obama.
You do.

Barack Obama is fun to watch. It’s fun to watch a “kid” take on the powerful Clinton machine and score successive knockdowns. It’s fun to see a Democrat confront the Clinton’s on their outright lies- something the media still refuses to do. It’s fun to watch Hillary get booed by liberals for her outrageous attacks.
It’s fun to see Democrats in a public dogfight.


Here’s the latest zinger reported at FOX News that nails the Clintonistas between the eyeballs:

“I think what we saw last night was that he’s very frustrated,” Senator Clinton said. “He clearly came — he telegraphed it, he talked about it — he clearly came last night looking for a fight. He was determined and launched right in.”

Obama responded that honesty has always been his best defense, and he will use it to show he’s the antidote to Clinton’s Washington insider approach.

“When it comes to Senator Clinton’s remarks, I think it’s very clear that Senator Clinton has and President Clinton have been spending the last month attacking me in ways that are not accurate,” Obama told reporters in a conference call. “If you get the kind of looseness with the facts that Senator Clinton displayed and you’re willing to say anything to get a political or tactical advantage, that lowers people’s trust in government. it makes us cynical.”

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