New Hampshire FOX News Republican Debate

Sunday Fights On FOX…
FOX News Republican Debate

Governor Mitt Romney opened up talking about tax cuts.
He also blasted Senator McCain on voting against the Bush tax cuts and Governor Huckabee on raising taxes in Arkansas.

Here’s the heated exchange between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee:


Michelle Malkin is liveblogging.
HotAir has video clips up from the debate.

Rudy Giuliani was right on pointing out that Republicans have a difficult time explaining how their programs help the poor. Republicans want to offer dignity and a hand up out of poverty— Right on!

Senator McCain jumps on Donald Rumsfeld’s policies in Iraq. He also points out how he backed the very successful surge in Iraq.

Mayor Giuliani again points out that what Democrats mean by change is not good for America- higher taxes, surrendering Iraq, defense on the war on terror…

IN THE EMAIL: “Huckabee claimed a gasoline tax was only passed after 80 percent of voters approved it. Not true. The tax was enacted before a referendum vote on highway repairs.” – (“Huckabee’s Fiscal Record,”, 11/21/07)

Giuliani is going over his resume against dictatorships and Islamic terrrorists– It is very impressive.

One thing that sticks out tonight is that this group of candidates have very interesting, intelligent and mature positions compared to the socialist candidates who were on last night.

They’re talking immigration and amnesty again- a topic that always seems to hurt Senator McCain. It probably doesn’t help Senator McCain that the Clinton’s supported his immigration plan.

Governor Huckabee just got blasted for advising giving illegal immigrants a break in tuition. He still sticks with his DREAM Act plan.

Governor Huckabee wants an America where we all get along. Amen.
He obviously hasn’t been following the liberal blogs lately.

Rudy Giuliani apologizes for Bernard Kerik again. Why is this still an issue?

Frank Luntz’s focus group of undecideds on FOX News picked Governor Romney as tonight’s winner.

Mark Levin has more on Huck and tax cuts.

Meanwhile… Across the aisle the Hillary camp is fearing another loss in New Hampshire.

Retire05 offers this analysis of tonight’s debate:

My problem is that Mike Wallace seemed to give the bulk of the time to Romney, McCain and Huckabee. There were two others at the table and it really hacks me that Thompson is just glossed over by most of the media. He is intelligent, unexcitable and just seems to be able to answer any question with facts, not platitudes. But I guess in the world of the northern media, unexcitable equates with lazy. Wallace seemed to ignore Rudy, maybe based on the fact that he thinks Rudy is a no show in New Hampshire.

Sean Hannity also likes Giuliani’s definition of change. Rudy is on Hannity and Colmes now and he is sounding really good.

Scott Johnson scores the debate tonight and for the most part I would have to agree.

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