Mother Replaces Her Son On the Front Lines in Iraq

Mother comes to Iraq to replace her son on the front lines.

Senior Airman Derrick Johnson teaches his mother, Staff Sgt. Tammi Johnson, base defense practices at Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq, on Jan. 22.

Johnson is currently training his mother, who is soon scheduled to replace him. Both are reservists working for the 506th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman SerMae Lampkin)

The coincidence of this pair choosing to serve in the same military branch and career field is only trumped by the fact that out of the thousands of Air Force security forces Airmen and numerous deployment locations – Staff Sgt. Johnson, 42, was randomly selected to relieve her son in the guard post which they currently sit –MNF-Iraq.


When Derrick was ready to graduate from high school, Staff Sgt. Tammi Johnson accompanied him to an Air Force recruiting office and ended up signing up along with him- ABC News.

ABC News has an interview with the mother and son military combo HERE.

Blackfive has more on this heroic family.

In Related News… 9,000 members of anti-Al-Qaeda “Awakening” in Anbar are ready to join the Iraqi Secrity Forces.

UPDATE: Michael Totten has another intriguing post from his time in Fallujah.

UPDATE 2: Arthur Chrenkoff is back with analysis of the Iraq War reporting today.

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