"Moderate" Palestinian Group Erases Israel After Bush Meeting

Just days after Moderate Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas met with President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert he held a conference in the West Bank that included a large banner that had Israel erased.

Arutz Sheva and Palestinian Media Watch reported:

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was filmed this week at a PLO Central Committee meeting with an emblem that negates the existence of Israel as a backdrop. The PLO emblem includes the PA flag above a map which depcits Palestine replacing the entirety of the State of Israel.

Palestinian Media Watch Directors Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook explained the emblem: “This symbolizes that all of Israel is, or will someday be, ‘Palestine.'”

The video from the PLO meeting, which took place in Ramallah, was broadcast on PA television on Sunday, January 13. The event took place just days after Abbas met with US President George W. Bush and reiterated his commitment to peaceful negotiations with Israel.

The PLO emblem does not leave room for Israel.

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