Media Shocker… AP Blasts "Relic" Bill Clinton & Notices He Talks About Himself Too Much

Lord have mercy!

The AP shellacs “Relic” Bill Clinton.
Nancy Benac of the Associated Press may want to sleep over at a friend’s house tonight after this piece on the Clintons, via Drudge:

In a presidential race where the Democratic candidates are competing as agents of change, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most reliable campaign prop is something of a political relic — her husband.

The former president was at her side to help put the best face on her third-place finish Thursday in Iowa, and he was beside her again when dawn broke the next day on the final push to Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

“I was never more proud of Hillary in all the days we’ve been together and all the days of this campaign than when she gave that speech in Iowa,” the ex-president told New Hampshire voters.

No loyal spouse would say any less.

…”Senator Clinton needs to make this campaign about her vision, her plans and her strengths,” says Brazile.

The candidate’s husband, meanwhile, tends to ramble on about himself.

So… Since when did Bill Clinton become a “loyal spouse”?

More Bad News for Hillary & “The Relic”… Rasmussen has Obama up over the Clintons in New Hampshire 37% to 27%, via Drudge.

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