Media Misleads On Ashura Holiday Violence In Iraq

2 Million Iraqi pilgrims celebrated in Karbala this weekend peacefully.
But, sadly that was not the headline.

The corrupt US media misreported the Ashura Holiday violence in Iraq.
Here is how the LA Times reported the holy day in Iraq:

Rocket Kills 7 Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq

This was a neat trick by the mainstream media. Like so many other US media outlets, the LA Times has been projecting failure in Iraq. So when things start to turn around like they have been, the media has to somehow portray doom and failure.
Why?… To somehow save face maybe?… Or, is it to help their liberal friends?

Two million Shiite pilgrims attended the Ashura celebrations in the Holy City of Karbala this weekend.

Shiite pilgrims in their thousands join a religious parade in Iraq’s shrine city of Karbala to mark Ashura. (AFP)

There was no violence in Karbala where two million Shiite pilgrims gathered today.

But, you wouldn’t know that from the LA Times headline.
The LA Times wants you to think that “pilgrims” were killed in Iraqi violence.
However, the Iraqis who were killed were in northern Iraq, far away from the Holy City of Karbala. They were not “pilgrims” but local citizens who chose to celebrate at home instead of traveling to Karbala.

The headline is not accurate. And, it wasn’t until the 8th paragraph that they mention that 2 million people converged on Karbala without incident.
And, they wonder why trust in the media plummetted to 19.6% in a recent poll?

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