Islamic Extremists Machine Gun 3 Youths Gathering Chestnuts

Insurgents in Algeria mowed down 3 youths gathering chestnuts in a forest south of Algiers.
ROP and The International Herald Tribune reported:

Islamic insurgents killed three youths gathering chestnuts in a forest south of Algiers, triggering a search by soldiers for the culprits, the Interior Ministry said Sunday.

The killings outside Medea — a haunt for insurgents in the 1990s but now generally calm — raises concern that the violence that once plagued the region could be on the return.

Five youths gathering chestnuts Friday in the Layoune forest, 10 kilometers (six miles) south of Medea, were attacked Kalashnikov rifle fire, the ministry said. Two were killed on the spot and a third body was found Saturday, the statement said. Two other youths escaped.

The ages of the victims were not made available, nor was it known if they were boys or girls.

Jihad Watch says this is not unlike another case on Christmas Eve.

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