Iraq's Economy Surges! (Video Link)

ABC News aired a positive report on the surging economy in Iraq today.
The video is HERE.

Hat Tip to Dan
What wonderful news for the people of Iraq who suffered so much under Saddam Hussein and then the terror attacks by Al-Qaeda.

Add that positive economic outlook to the news that was reported earlier this week:

** The Iraq Oil Ministry announced on Thursday that the levels of exported oil and revenues in 2007 rose by 9.2 compared to the previous year.


** Tourism is booming! “The religious cities of Karbala and Najaf are prospering once again due to the influx of wealthy Gulf Arab Shiites to their shrines.”

** 700,000 new jobs predicted– “The Iraqi government announced that it expects 700 thousand new jobs for the unemployed in this year.”

Obviously, those 8,800 Terrorists who were captured and the 2,400 who were killed in Iraq in 2007 made a difference.

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